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Member card

The program of “Membership Card – BTouch edition by Propharm Cosmetics” aims at students in the field of aesthetics and beauty in general. Having this Membership Card offers you privileges and great offers at Propharm Cosmetics, while you become a member of a wider beauty community, with all that entails, with surprises, events, big discounts and low shipping costs on your orders.

Member Card Terms:


Each membership card is and remains the property of the publishing company PROPHARM COSMETICS. The membership card is strictly personal and the transfer of the card to third parties is prohibited in any way.

The holder is entitled to use his card in the official e-shop, always within the framework defined each time by the company PROPHARM COSMETICS and notified to the holder.

The membership card is not credit or debit. The holder with its appearance can not make money transactions, but only to enjoy privileges, as they will be set and notified by the company PROPHARMCOSMETICS in

The only obligation of the participant in order to enjoy the privileges of the program, within the official e-shop, is the Signup & Login to the e-shop using the unique code written on the Card Member.

The offers and discounts to the Holders of the Member Card will be constantly updated and will be announced on the social media of the company but also to the interested members via e-mail.

Under no circumstances can the card and the discount right be replaced with money.

The membership card and the privilege program are valid only in Greece, only at and in exhibitions and points of sale exclusively of the company PROPHARM COSMETICS (not in other stores that sell our products).


PROPHARM COSMETICS has the right to terminate at any time, without notice or reason, this agreement with the holder (or to prohibit any use of the card).

The membership card provides the holder with privileges for as long as the privilege program “Membership Card – BTouch edition by Propharm Cosmetics” is in force. PROPHARM COSMETICS reserves the right to change this period at its discretion and to modify or terminate the benefits program.

PROPHARM COSMETICS is entitled to unilaterally amend any term of this contract, including the method of calculating the offers and the amount of the purchase reward. Any such modification will be notified to the holder by any appropriate means in the contact details he has stated in this application or by posting any modification in writing within the company channels.

If for any reason the company PROPHARM COSMETICS modifies part or all of the terms of the program or terminates the benefits program, the participant retains no claim or claim against the company, for any reason if it already acknowledges that it is a benefits program provided from the freedom of the company.



The card can be replaced in case of loss, theft or destruction upon request at

PROPHARM COSMETICS reserves the right to regularly inform the cardholder about the privileges and promotions through mail, e-mail, mobile phone message (sms) or any other suitable means. If the member of the membership card no longer wishes to receive promotional and information material, he can report it by phone or in writing or orally to the communication store and is able at any time to change his preferences through and his profile.


The program participant acknowledges that it is aware of the following:

PROPHARM COSMETICS reserves the right to process its personal data in order to improve the management of its clientele and to promote its products.

The personal data of the participant in the program can be transferred to third parties within the European Union or third parties added by the company for the management of the relevant file.

The participant in the program has the right to revoke his consent or to correct or request the deletion of his personal data upon notification to PROPHARM COSMETICS (

By signing the application the participant provides his consent to PROPHARM COSMETICS as he uses his personal data in accordance with the above and unreservedly accepts the terms of use

The use of the BTouchedition Membership Card is valid only within Greece and for the cities


Do you have a Member Card – BTouch edition;

If not, contact us at, to send you the information form and to check if you meet the conditions, to facilitate the process attach to the e-mail a document proving that you attend a school of aesthetics or at a beauty school
(photocopy of passport or detailed grade or certificate of attendance, etc.).

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