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Facon: How to start your own Cosmetics Line (Private Label Skincare)


The global beauty industry is one sector that remains steadfast in the ever-changing economy of our time. This is due to the continuous and increasing use of cosmetic products by women as well as men around the world. Make your passion a new business and use social media properly to sell your new cosmetics line! Whether you are a professional in the field or just a skincare lover, we know how you can make your dream come true… It’s time to create your own line of cosmetics quickly and easily!


Beauty was and will be a basic human concept and that will never change!

The obsession with perfection but also the inevitable aging of man is the main driver for the purchase of cosmetic products. The strong desire of men and women to maintain their youthful appearance is the basic principle of cosmetology and has influenced the cosmetics industry and global trends to a great extent. In addition, the rapid aging population has led to an increase in the demand for anti-aging products to prevent wrinkles, dry skin, uneven skin tone and even hair damage, thus creating room for cosmetic innovations, new formulations and products which come to cover more and more the needs of consumers. A smart business move or a necessity? Being involved in the cosmetics industry can give you a new perspective, while at the same time you’ll be able to add your own touch to women’s (or men’s) daily beauty routines!



Your own line of cosmetic products

So if the creation of your own line of cosmetic preparations is in your immediate plans, PROPHARM Ltd can give you answers to all your questions. Creating your own private label products in collaboration with PROPHARM Ltd is an easy task, since our many years of experience in the field of cosmetology and fashion products will be your guide and companion until you get the products that carry your logo.




In our laboratories, our chemists, dedicated to research and development, process all new ideas, while actively contributing to the formulations with their expertise and training, according to the newest trends.


“We are constantly developing new formulas and innovations to meet the demands of the ever-changing market. We apply strict quality control in the company’s laboratories and in the external cooperating laboratories of the Greek Institute of Research and Evaluation of Cosmetic Products, ensuring excellent products that are clinically and dermatologically tested” says the Responsible Chemist of PROPHARM LTD Katerina Gaki. “Our team can advise you on the design of your product line, suggesting sizes, colors and packaging materials to meet market demands and your own needs.”

Facon Cosmetic Production Greece

The company has successfully transferred its expertise to the private label sector. It maintains high quality standards in private label products, which allow the customer to create their own profile in the PL (private label) product category, while already counting numerous successful PL projects with some of the most well-known cosmetic lines, both nationwide and worldwide. In our course to date in the field of Private Label, the most important companies in the retail sector as well as in the field of professional products have entrusted us with their label. Will you be one of them?


To receive a complete cooperation offer, fill out the interest form or contact us at +30 +23410 70227.

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