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B TOUCH Professional Cosmetics

B-TOUCH PROFESSIONAL COSMETICS, face and body skincare products, produced by PROPHARM LTD which is housed in a modern building, high technical specification production unit. After years of research, we identified modern human skin’s real needs, which is overworked as a result of hectic lifestyle, and finally we developed B-TOUCH in order to be almost as effective as aesthetic medicine.

eng επαγγελματικά προϊόντα για σπα κεντρα αισθητικής

Our dedicated and passionate continuous search for innovative raw materials, being used at optimum levels, generates specialized advanced technology products, providing maximum efficiency, with quality control, dermatological tests, stability tests and safety assessments having been preceded.

B-TOUCH products provide specialized formulations with a plurality of active ingredients and high quality standards, rendering them secure “tool” for beauty professionals, who have necessary experience to distinguish their quality and can keep their customers excited and satisfied. B-TOUCH products satisfy the highest demands of beauty professionals in compliance with their maximum effectiveness and safety criteria. Offering an excellent price-quality ratio, they gain profitability and competitive advantage in business. 

Suitable for hotel beaty centers and spa.

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