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SunCare Hair Spray and Gel Aloe and SunTan Oil

Α summer offer carefully designed for you, with selected, luxurious beauty products, by Olive Touch.
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Indulge yourself with an Olive Touch beauty treatment:

1. Gel Aloe. Αloe vera body gel with 95% aloe vera extract,organic olive oil and vitamin E that relieves, nourishes, deeply hydrates and softens skin helping the restoration of dry and destroyed skin. Ideal for sunshine burn, for dry and suffered skin.

2. Tanning oil with silky formula, rich in plant oils for a uniform, golden tan. The organic olive oil helps the skin preserve its moisture, the walnut oil, rich in linoleic acid, has antioxidant properties, while the carrot oil, rich in provitamin A, enhances and preserves the natural tanning of the skin. PRECAUTIONS: This product does not offer you protection from the sun. It should not be used on people with sensitive skin and children. Avoid contact with the areas of the eyes and the mouth.


Suncare n' Repair Hair Mist. Non-greasy composition for silky hair with provitamin B5 and moisturizing agent from olive oil. It offers moisturizing, protection and restoration to hair that is damaged due to exposure to the sun, salt water and chlorinated pool water. It does not weigh hair down, but rather leaves it looking shiny and soft.

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