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Do you have a physical or online store with beauty products? Discover our 100% Greek beauty cosmetics and ask us for an offer for installation at your place. See our wholesale price lists and learn about our products. Whether you have a store or an eshop, we can meet your every need.


The company PROPHARM produces and distributes its own complete line of cosmetic products (77 in total) under the trade name OLIVE TOUCH with organic olive oil, the specialized line BLACK LAVA EFFECT (6 products in total) with volcanic lava, the line of cosmetic products (5 in total) CAVIAR LUXURY COLLECTION with sturgeon caviar and the new OLIVIN series (26 products) based on organic olive oil and strongly Greek identity. It also produces the B TOUCH series (37 products) aimed at Pharmacies and the BTOUCH Cabin (Cabin Packaging) which is aimed at hotel spas, beauty salons and general professionals dealing with aesthetics.

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Do you want 100% Greek beauty brands in your store?

Choose our beauty skincare brand (Cosmetics with Olive Oil, Cosmetics with Caviar or Cosmetics with Volcanic Lava?)


PROPHARM, a pioneering Greek cosmetics company, after years of experience and know-how, has created high-standard care lines, with specialized formulations, an abundance of active ingredients and quality raw materials from Greek nature. Discover the OLIVE TOUCH and OLIVIN (Cosmetics with Olive Oil) series with organic olive oil and Mediterranean herbs, the BLACK LAVA EFFECT series (Cosmetics with Lava) with volcanic trace elements, activated carbon and volcanic lava extract, the CAVIAR series and BTOUCH.

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If you have chosen which beauty products and brands you are interested in for your own store, the next step is to arrange an appointment. Propharm enables you to choose any combination of products you wish, creating a personalized offer exclusively for you.

With your cooperation with Propharm Cosmetics you have access to special prices, offers and unique discounts. If you want to place Propharm’s 100% Greek beauty brands in your store or an introductory presentation, contact us at 2341 0 70222, by email at or by clicking here.

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Black Lava Effect

Are you ready to proceed with your cooperation with us? If so, we welcome you to the beauty world of Propharm Cosmetics, one of the most reputable and reliable cosmetics companies nationwide.

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